Offered Services

Corporate M&A, PE, VC, Investment Funds, ESG : Legal Advisory for All Industries

Lawyers and Experts at Espée & Lancée's track record is among the most diverse in the field of international transactions, with clients typically having legal and regulatory issues in multiple jurisdictions. Lawyers and Experts at Espée & Lancée has successfully represented clients in complex transactional deals spanning most industries, including highly-technical disputes in the aviation, investment funds, chemical, oil & gas, renewable energy, construction & engineering, finance, media, automotive, logistics, IT,  blockchain, hospitality industries, requently in the context of joint ventures, international sales and purchase agreements, agency agreements, consulting agreements and shareholders’ agreements.

Art, Culture, Sports, Fashion & Space, Tech Law : Where Culture and Technology Meets Competition: A Legal Partnership Like No Other

In today's world, artistry, athleticism and technology intersect with cross-border law. Our Arts, Culture, Tech law services are the bridge that connects the dynamic realms of the European Union (EU) and Asia. Whether you're a creative visionary, a sports enthusiast, or a business entity in these vibrant regions, our specialized legal expertise is your key to unlocking the full potential of your passions.

Artists, fashion industrialists, athletes, teams, and organizations are continually faced with unique legal challenges, from contract negotiations to intellectual property protection, regulatory compliance, negotiating international exhibition agreements for artists or managing sponsorship and partnership and franchise deals for fashion industrialists and athletes. 

Last but not least, there are various areas of Tech such as Artificial Intelligence, Space, Blockchain, Copyright law which require novel approach and methodology. This is where we come in.

Official State visit Reception for 60 years of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and Luxembourg

Me. SeungPyo (Espée) Hong, H.E. Minister Park Jin, H.R.H., the Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Your Trusted Legal Partners in Two Hemispheres

Our Cabinet comprises of legal experts with a deep understanding of both EU and Asian legal landscapes. With offices strategically located in key cities across these regions, we offer a seamless blend of legal insights, cultural sensitivity, and industry know-how. We understand the interaction of Business, Law and Politics.

Espée & Lancée is an officially recognised représentant d'intérêts at the Haute Autorité pour la Transparence de la Vie Publique (HATVP) under the French Lobbying Law, and is mandated to represent interests in the EU on behalf of its clients.

Why Choose Us?

Client-Centered: Your success is our priority. We collaborate closely with clients to tailor our legal strategies to their specific goals and aspirations.

Global Reach: Our extensive network spans the EU and Asia, ensuring that we can assist clients no matter where they operate or seek legal counsel.

Multidisciplinary Approach: We go beyond traditional legal services, offering comprehensive solutions that address the unique needs of corporates, artists, athletes, teams, and organizations.

Cultural Competence: We recognize that cultural context matters. Our team's multicultural background allows us to navigate the intricacies of law while respecting diverse traditions and practices.

Cutting-Edge Knowledge: We stay at the forefront of developments in both EU and Asian legal frameworks to provide clients with up-to-date and forward-thinking advice.